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What are exofab™ guards?

exofab™ gel guards are an alternative way of protecting your device with the use of exofab™ Antibacterial Smart gel. Their mission is to guard your device without sacrificing your devices appearance.


I heard that your gel guard sticks on glass surfaces, is it true? 

Yes!  exofab™ gel guard also has anti-slip properties.
After holding it in your hands you'll notice the firm grip right away!
Your device will be able to adhere to non-porous surfaces (like glass, mirrors, car dash board etc.) for a short period of time.
Keep in mind that this product is not manufactured for this purpose so be careful.


For how long does it stick on glass?  

It depends mainly on the surface porosity, pressure applied and temperature.
So it will vary from anti-slip to holding on, on a slightly inclined glassy surface to completely vertical glassy surface!
We tested an iPhone 6 (Invisible series) and lasted for 30 minutes.
This however does NOT mean that the product is made for this purpose!
The duration of the stickiness is NOT guaranteed so PLEASE be careful!  


How should I do it? 

  1. Be sure that both your exofab™ gel and the glassy surface are perfectly clean and dry.

  2. Then apply a gentle pressureto "stick" your device to the glassy surface.

  3. Be sureyou mobile device is securely attached before removing your hands.

  4. That's it, just remember that it will hold for a while, not for hours, so be careful.


You mentioned that the gel guard has self-healing properties. What is this?

Self-healing refers to the fact that this material has the tendency to retain its original form/shape. 
When it is scratched or "stabbed" it slowly heals itself.
After a couple of hours it will look as it was never scratched!

Does it feel sticky when I touch it?

Well, to set things straight . . . It does NOT leave any kind of residue on your hands or device!!
It is NOT glue so don't worry about getting your hands dirty.
It feels like a regular (soft and smooth) rubber-like surface.


My guard got all dirty . . . can I clean it?

YES, of course you can! Just use a damp cloth to wipe the surface clean, you can even use mild soap if you want to.
Take your time, until you’re satisfied with the results.

P.S. Do not use excessive amounts of water as this can damage your device


What’s included in the package?

 Each package includes:

  • Antibacterial gel case
  • Antibacterial front gels (wherever stated)


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