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Instructions for iPhone 6 - Plus - Samsung S5

Instructions for iPhone 4/4s - 5/5s

1.Clean it

    1. Make sure the device is turned off, and if possible, remove the battery before installation.
    2. Wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of any dust, oils left from fingers or any other kind of potential dirt/residue.
    3. Use a lint-free cloth to clean the device removing any dirt, grime, or oils from its surface.
    4. Identify your exofab™guard pieces and where they fit by comparing the pieces with the actual device. 

2.Peel it

  1. Carefully peel the guard out of its Matrix. (use one guard at a time, NOT all together) 
  2. Try not to touch its adhesive side as it will reduce its adhesive strength.  

3.Stick it

  1. Carefully align the exofab™guard to the device with its adhesive side facing down. (Begin with the larger pieces first, as they will act as a guide for the smaller pieces) 
  2. Gently apply it without putting any force on to it. 
  3. Once you're sure that it is placed correctly, press firmly in an outward motion (start from the center of the guard) 
  4. Apply the Side guards in the same manner.  
  5. After you have placed every guard securely in position, apply steady pressure on each corner where the side guard is placed.
    (do this for 10 seconds or more for each corner) 

Helpful Tips:

Perform installation in a clean and dust free environment for best results.
For difficult edges or rounded corners, apply steady pressure for as long as you can. 

Repeating this step during the first 2-3 days helps the side guard adapt to its new shape. 

As with any electronic device, exposing yours to excessive water or fluids may cause the device harm. exofab™ will not be responsible for any damage to the device caused by excessive water or improper installation of exofab™ guards so be careful!